Putting your best foot forward! post thumbnail

Looking down, we see the foot. It is a sensationally structured mobile arch , similar to a Roman bridge, which connects the bottom of the semi-rigid leg to the earth. It works to allow us  bear weight and to propel us forward. It is a remarkable design but not one made to last. It has at it’s best a 30 year life!

The foot works mainly because of the toes, those funny little projections off the front of the feet. The problem is we don’t use them much these days. Instead we wrap them up and push them into shoes all the time. Yet, if our toes work well, so do our feet. To create capable pain free feet we need muscles to be strong and joints of our feet to move. Some of the muscles are in the calf and some are in our feet. Weakness of the muscles of the feet immediately affect the toes and the arches. With some stretches, simple foot actions and, a natural powerful walking pattern, there will be a bounce back in your step without pain.