How Graduated Compression Works

SIGVARIS graduated compression garments work by acting as an external layer of muscle, gently squeezing the stretched vein walls together and allowing valves to function and restoring blood flow closer to a normal state. Having greater pressure at the ankle, decreasing as it goes up the leg, helps fight the force of gravity and circulate blood back to the heart more effectively improving overall circulation.

To be most effective, the compression garment should be put on at the start of the day and removed before going to bed. Remember, venous circulation problems progressively worsen over time and can effect quality of life. Problems in the legs should be treated as early as possible to lessen the rate of progression with ageing.

There are many great looking styles, with quality fabrics and a wide range of comfortable products to suit your lifestyle.

Note: Most ALL Extended Health Plans have coverage for these essential compression garments. We perform custom fittings to ensure your comfort and a reliable fit!

Pricing will vary depending on the type of product (socks, sleeves, panty-hose, etc.).