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Physiotherapists are known as movement specialists. It is key to learn proper biomechanics and to ensure your posture and alignment are correct in order to minimize the risk of injury with daily activities and exercise. At Prosia Total Health, core muscle training is an integral part of our rehabilitation programs post injury and for injury prevention.

The core musculature, rightly called the “powerhouse muscles”, provides a solid base upon which all other muscles work upon to initiate movement. They are located in the region bounded by the abdominal wall, low back and pelvic floor and include the transversus abdominus, multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic floor. Whenever we move (ie. to change position or lift an object) the core region is tensed first, usually unconsciously. Research shows that in people with low back pain, these muscles fail to contract before limb movement, so the spine is vulnerable to injury.

This is where the physiotherapist steps in…

At Prosia Total Health, we first teach you what/where your core muscles are and how to consciously activate them, and then challenge you with progressive exercises to strengthen your powerhouse muscles using proper body mechanics. Our patients are surprised and pleased at how quickly they can increase their core strength and endurance under the proper guidance of a physiotherapist! Many patients still come to Prosia Total Health after they are pain free in order to continue to challenge their core exercise program using different pieces of equipment including exercise balls, foam rollers, hand weights/kettle bells, theraband and Pilates’ balls…all in the comfort of their own home!

Come visit one of our physiotherapists at Prosia Total Health and get started on your core strengthening program to minimize the risk of injury and help prevent low back pain!