Foot Orthoses are specifically fitted, custom-made appliances that can be placed within any type of footwear (shoe/sandal/skate/cleat). Also commonly referred to as “Orthotics” these orthoses provide support for the foot by distributing pressure or realigning foot joints while standing, walking or running. As such they are often used by athletes to relieve symptoms of a variety of soft tissue inflammatory conditions like plantar fasciitis. They may also be used in conjunction with properly fitted orthopedic footwear in the prevention of foot ulcers in the at risk diabetic foot.

Most everyone can benefit from the insertion of a custom made foot orthotic in their shoes, as it helps improve overall body alignment, reduce shock on our back, hips, knees and feet. After all, our feet provides our foundation and is responsible for absorbing 300lbs/square inch with each step. Additionally, our feet contain approximately 56 bones, more than 25% of the bones in our entire body!